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MP:Gulabi Gang, a women support group is all set to come to Indore next month

Asserting that the security of women and children can’t be left alone to the government as rape and sexual harassment cases are increasing, Gulabi Gang, a women support group, is all set to come to Indore next month, said Commander Purnima Verma.

“Next month we are likely to form a Gulabi Gang in Indore as youngsters here are on the verge of getting destroyed mainly because of drug and alcohol abuse. The Gulabi Gang will start a movement against it,” Verma, who is also the Maharashtra in-charge of Gulabi Gang, told ANI.

Verma said as a moral principle, society has to come forward for the protection of women and children.

“In Chindwara, we have established a women’s self-defense training centre, which is the country’s first-of-its-kind by Gulabi Gang. Here, we train women in aikido, judo, karate, desi akhada (country wrestling) and the use of chilli spray, besides other means of self-defence. Besides, physical safety, we also train women to be mentally strong to overcome dangerous circumstances. We will open more such centres in Madhya Pradesh,” she said.
On Love Jihad, she said the government should have all the details of registration of marriages in temple or mosque. “Every state should have its own laws on this. The parents should take moral responsibility for what their children are doing.”

She went on to talk about their fight to bring the OTT platforms under the censor board, slamming film and television producer Ekta Kapoor and Vice-President, Content, Netflix India, Monika Shergill.

“It does not seem that they have dedication towards the country. I appeal to the government to boycott their production houses.”

On drugs in Bollywood, she said it has always been there and now it is coming to light as the suicides are “actually murders”. “Whether it is Divya Bharti or Jia Khan, many suicides have come to the fore that indicate murder, so there should be an enquiry.”


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