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Bigg Boss:Pavitra Punia expresses her feelings for Eijaz Khan

Tuesday’s episode starts off with Hina Khan asking Eijaz Khan whether everything is sorted between him and his good friend Pavitra Punia.
The actor says he doesn’t consider her as his best friend especially after she nominated him this week.

Hina tells him to give her a chance as she feels Pavitra is possessive about him, but Eijaz is not interested.
In the living area, everyone starts teasing Pavitra, but she makes it clear that Eijaz isn’t interested in her and that if anything is to happen, it will only happen when they leave the Bigg Boss house.

That’s when Eijaz walks in and says that they will hug each other only when one of them gets evicted from the show.

Later, Rubina asks Pavitra about Eijaz and why she is upset. She says she tried understanding him and getting close to him but he did not reciprocate.

Also, she didn’t like the way he spoke about their equation in front of everyone.
In the kitchen area, Jasmin tells everyone that they should decide the seven items to be brought from the BB mall for the day.

The housemates come to a conclusion without any argument.

But they forget to ask Shehzad Deol about his demands.

When he finds out, he starts arguing with Jaan Sanu and Jasmin.

Hina tells Sidharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan that the contestants should not have allowed Jasmin to get two items from the mall.

Anyway, after a lot of yelling and arguments, Jasmin clears the misunderstanding with Shehzad and controls the situation.
In the garden area, Nikki Tamboli and Jaan get into a verbal spat.

The latter is upset with Nikki for taunting him since morning.

Though they patch up after a while, Nishant Malkhani and Jaan discuss how Nikki is very immature.

Shehzad has a word with Pavitra and Abhinav and they talk about keeping their group strong and not nominating each other at any cost if they want to go ahead in the game.

Since Rubina, Jasmin and Eijaz are also with them, they feel their group has an advantage over the other four housemates.
In the evening, Bigg Boss announces a new immunity task called Mere Angane Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai.

The housemates are divided in two groups and they have to turn the garden area into a beautiful farmland.

Abhinav, Rubina, Jasmin, Jaan and Shehzad are in one team whereas Pavitra, Eijaz, Rahul and Nishant are in the other.

Sid, Hina and Gauahar are shopkeepers and the housemates have to convince them to give the raw materials needed for their farmland.

Nikki is asked to supervise the task.

When the buzzer goes off, all the housemates start the task with a lot of enthusiasm but in the wrong direction.

Instead of making and decorating their farmland, both the teams gets busy destroying each other’s farm even before its ready.

Nikki, as the sanchalak, doesn’t intervene and lets the contestants fight.

It’s very clear that she’s supporting Nishant’s team.

Jasmin, Abhinav and Jaan accuse Nikki of being unfair.

Even Gauahar asks her a few times if she’s judging the task correctly but Ms Tamboli is unfazed.
Bigg Boss halts the task twice and makes the housemates understand that the game isn’t about destruction but rather building their own farmlands.

He warns them about following the rules and doing the task in the right manner.

After the farmland task ends for the day, everyone is back inside the house.

Jasmin and Eijaz have a fun chat in the kitchen area despite getting into a scuffle during the task.
In the garden area, Nishant, Nikki, Jaan and Rahul hang out together.

When Jaan asks Nikki if she would go on a date with him outside the house, the latter refuses saying he is her bhaijaan.

Rahul and Nishant pull Jaan’s leg and he takes it sportingly.

He says he genuinely likes Nikki but sadly, she does not.

Their fun conversation turns serious when Nishant says that Jaan looks immature in front of Nikki.

That’s when Jaan walks away, but he reveals that Nishant actually called Nikki immature in the afternoon when they two where discussing about her.

Will Jaan, Nikki, Nishant and Rahul continue to remain friends inside the house?

Or will this group break sooner than later?

Let us know what you think in the message board below.


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